The Lyhrus Ensemble

Voices, out of silence

photo © Walter Weimert

The Lyhrus Ensemble (prior to November 2020 known as the NOYA Ensemble) involves singers I collaborate with on stage and in the studio. Present members of the ensemble are professional vocalists from Berlin, Potsdam, and Leipzig.

The aim of our concerts is to create a space for tonal rituals of contemplation. There is something musing inherent in this music and in our way of performing it (not always hushed or mellow). Moreover, the lyrics are pervaded by a certain idea of memento mori and therefore questions about how to live our lives in the best of all ways.

The members of The Lyhrus Ensemble
Juliane Kunzendorf / Dorota Bronikowska – soprano
Petra Koerdt, Isabel Felgenhauer – mezzo, alto
Thomas Kalka, Matthias Eger – tenors
Alexander Lust – bass



7 tracks feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble (scroll down the playlist)


The Pilgrim Age (Teaser) | feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble

The Pilgrim Age (extended version) | feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble

The Pilgrim Age | feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble

Vigilia | feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble
(Trailer 2019)


Some recordings made during rehearsals.
Though there may be some imperfections you may receive
some fine impressions of music, musicians, moods, and sites.

Won't you come with me | The Lyhrus Ensemble
(RHSL 2019)

Birdsong | feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble
(RHSL 2019)

Crack in the wall | feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble
(RHSL 2019)


photo © Gerhard Adrian


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