The Pilgrim Age.

New concerts feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble –
Finest vocals. Piano. Reed organ. Glockenspiel.

Dear listeners, watchers, readers.

Welcome to the showroom of my musical atelier. Here you may find all information you need about my acoustic and electronic solo projects and my collaborations with other musicians.

If you miss something or if you simply want to get in contact, please let me know. If you would like to get regular information, subscribe to my newsletter. If you would like to meet me in concert, you may have a look at the calendar.

Always yours,


Some projects I'm currently working on


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The Pilgrim Age
Concert programme
feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble
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Vespertine Blooms
A concert programme feat.
Dorota Bronikowska
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Solo concert programme
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Modular system
Electronics soundscapes
– further details to follow –

for Listeners, Watchers, Readers


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